Don’t believe the hype!

Okay, so it wasn’t quite as big as we expected. Roger Clemens, a once guaranteed Hall of Famer now has quite a problem on his over-sized, Juiced hands. Andy Pettite, Barry Bonds, and Miguel Tejada are some of the best players of the last decade but we knew about two of them already. The biggest surprises came in the form of beloved hero and ’95 MVP winner Mo Vaughn, who was considered the second-best A.L player that season behind Albert Belle. Many in the media believed that Belle didn’t win the MVP that year because of his horrible temper and past indiscretions but I didn’t see Albert’s name anywhere on the Mitchell Report. The second surprise came in the form of former Atlanta hero and Rookie of the Year, David Justice.

So the report didn’t make the shock waves some people, including myself, expected. The big names that would have killed baseball, A-Rod, Pujols, & Ichiro were all absent from the report but already some collectors have had enough with baseball. Check out this post made by a die-hard Miguel Tejada fan, who in his signature had SP Authentic’s entire collection of Tejada’s ‘By The Letter’ inserts proudly displayed in each of his messages.

“I’m done with card collecting”.

How many other fans have given up on baseball after having their heroes come up as cheaters on a world-wide stage? Suddenly, thousands of fans of baseball and collectors are feeling the same sting I felt back in 2002 when Jose Canseco admitted to using Steroids. It’s a tough feeling knowing that your childhood idol is a liar and cheater. I hope like me, they can some day forgive and continue with this wonderful hobby that is baseball cards.



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  1. Yeah, not a good day for baseball at all. By the way, like your new header picture. Check out Card Collector Universe for today’s post which references the guy in your new header picture.

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