2007 Bowman Sterling preview

Wow, don’t know how many less baseball fans there will be after 2 P.M Eastern time but on January 8th, 2008 one of the biggest products in baseball is being released to all the rich boys and girls who can afford to buy it. You won’t find a Hobby box for less than $250 and that’s really being optimistic but from the looks of it, you are going to definitely get your money’s worth!

Hobby Box

6 packs , 5 cards per pack

2 autographs and 1 game-used relic per pack along with 2 base cards

All in all, if you splurge on a box you are going to get 12 autograpghs, 6 relics or autographed relics, 12 base cards (6 rookies, 6 prospects) and 2 box loaders. I don’t know how but I need to get a box of this!






  1. This pack breaks my $10 rule, but I had to check it out. The cards remind me alot of Finest, which I like. They are awesome looking cards.

    Kyle Kendrick, auto and “Rookie Card”, #’ed 46/199. His autograph looks like K K. He’s a pitcher for the Phillies, comes from Texas.

    Joe Mather, prospect card. He’s third base in the Cardinals system.

    Ryan Mount, auto and prospect card. His autograph looks like Rx Ant. He plays second base for the Angels.

    Ubaldo Jiminez, “Rookie Card”. He plays pitcher for the Rockies.

    Colby Rasmus, auto, relic and prospect card, *’ed 117/199. His autograph looks like Cory Ra. He plays outfield in the Cardinals system.

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