2008 Topps Heritage preview

Next year’s Topps Heritage is shaping up to be a sleeper hit and promises one relic or game-used per Hobby box, unlike 2007’s release. So will you guys be buying Hobby or Retail? I am going to go Cardboard Junkie on this release and only buy retail blasters for this one since there really is nothing amazing to pull. Lord knows I never get those Mantle relics.

1959 Topps Design

Base cards – 500

Chrome Parallels – 2 per box

Black-bordered -100 cards from base set #’d 59

Refractor – 100 same cards #’d 559

Full scans available below;





  1. Hey, nice scoop! I’ve been checking the sell sheet page every day for two weeks waiting for this to be released.

    For the record, since they are including a hit per box, a three card box topper and an original card in every other box, I’m probably going to buy hobby boxes exclusively this year.

  2. Alright! finally, the ’59 design! I may actually splurge for a couple boxes of these. I guess they’ll do the same old inserts (Then & Now, NAPs, etc.) Oh well, at least they’ll look decent.

  3. I’m in for this, too. I love the design and the photography looks amusing enough. Although, 500 cards, good luck with me and my budget for completing the darn base set. (If I can ever get around to the card store WHEN IT’S OPEN, I’d pick up a hobby box. This is what I get for working nights and weekends.)

  4. Wow, to each his own. I wasn’t impressed with the design but I am sure it will grow on me when I start busting a box.

  5. A great set! The short prints and redunancy in the black backs makes it very hard set to complete. A hefty investment again for sure !

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