2008 Topps Heritage preview

12 12 2007

Next year’s Topps Heritage is shaping up to be a sleeper hit and promises one relic or game-used per Hobby box, unlike 2007’s release. So will you guys be buying Hobby or Retail? I am going to go Cardboard Junkie on this release and only buy retail blasters for this one since there really is nothing amazing to pull. Lord knows I never get those Mantle relics.

1959 Topps Design

Base cards – 500

Chrome Parallels – 2 per box

Black-bordered -100 cards from base set #’d 59

Refractor – 100 same cards #’d 559

Full scans available below;







9 responses

12 12 2007
Steve G.

Sweet! The 1959 Topps set is one of my favorites. I can’t wait!

12 12 2007

Hey, nice scoop! I’ve been checking the sell sheet page every day for two weeks waiting for this to be released.

For the record, since they are including a hit per box, a three card box topper and an original card in every other box, I’m probably going to buy hobby boxes exclusively this year.

13 12 2007
Greg A.

Alright! finally, the ’59 design! I may actually splurge for a couple boxes of these. I guess they’ll do the same old inserts (Then & Now, NAPs, etc.) Oh well, at least they’ll look decent.

13 12 2007

I’m in for this, too. I love the design and the photography looks amusing enough. Although, 500 cards, good luck with me and my budget for completing the darn base set. (If I can ever get around to the card store WHEN IT’S OPEN, I’d pick up a hobby box. This is what I get for working nights and weekends.)

13 12 2007
Mario C.

Wow, to each his own. I wasn’t impressed with the design but I am sure it will grow on me when I start busting a box.

14 12 2007
Topps Heritage

I’m looking forward to the Feb 28th release date! šŸ™‚

15 12 2007

What was the best investment set of ’07?
The sultan on Sports

15 12 2007
Mario C.

Buy yourself a hobby box of Bowman Chrome and you could pull the fabled SuperFractor which sells for over $1,000 easily on eBay even if it is an unknown player.

The box is less than $90 most places.


23 03 2008
Craig M. Hawkins

A great set! The short prints and redunancy in the black backs makes it very hard set to complete. A hefty investment again for sure !

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