2008 Topps Finest preview

If you have gone through my reviews you will see that ’07 Finest scored 1 of only 3 “A” grades. Some may not like their futuristic-style but I just cannot get enough of them and their refractors, not to mention….believe it or not, the sticker auto’s that everyone loves to hate.  Here is the important stuff for the 2008 release;

Base set – 125 cards (25 rookies)

3 Autographs per master box

12 refractors per master box

800 1/1 printing plates

Refractor parallels

Blue #’d to 499

Green #’d to 199

Black #’d to 99

Gold #’d to 50

Red #’d to 25

White Framed X-Fractor 1/1






  1. That’s an interesting-looking set…although, looking at your ’07 review, it’s also ridiculously priced for my ’08 budget. I’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Yeah, the cards and hits are awesome but expect to pay A LOT and the price never comes down. I was at a card shop last weekend and the price for a Hobby box had only dropped $10 and it’s been almost 6 months.

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