Can we abolish the Internet?

Seriously, after watching the most disturbing video of my life, ‘Two Girls, One Cup”, I am convinced the Internet has ‘Jumped The Shark’. I use to think Chris “Leave Britney Alone” Crocker was an eminent sign the world was doomed but after seeing that video I would walk up to Chris Crocker and French kiss him if it meant removing the memory that “Two Girls, One Cup” left in my now shattered world.

Then of course there is the anonymity of the online message board. I am a member of Beckett’s online community because it is a great way to meet other collectors. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to go one day without being called an “idiot” or “moron”, or as one person put it to another member, “go slice your throat, please so we can all be happy”. Huh? Don’t even get me started on the power-hungry mods and their ban-everyone attitudes.

If that weren’t bad enough, we have Topps official message board being hacked. I hate to say this because if it is one group I fear on the Internet it is Hackers. Why? What could you possibly get from hacking a board full of Bowman Chrome Nerds? Well, in the real world they are puny, pale-faced geeks but on the internet they are the equivalent of Mark McGwire, after being beaned in the ass by a fastball—so they will do what they want. Check out the screen capture I took. It is the page you are re-directed to when you go to Topps’ message board. Suggestion: don’t go there on your own unless you want some major damage on your PC. If you are on a Mac, well, you probably came here by mistake cause Mac owners do not collect baseball cards—or even know what baseball is.

Conclusion? Stay off the internet unless you are coming on to check up on the world’s greatest baseball card related blog, or you are coming to download music via BitTorrent. Whatever you do, though….do not watch the ‘Two Girls, One Cup’ video. I have warned you!


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  1. I didn’t know the Falcons’ safety was a Britney fan. Lawyer Milloy has better taste in music. I don’t want to know what the hell Two Girls One Cup is about. Sounds too much like T*b G*rl or L*m*n P*rt* (edited to protect the innocent) to me. I’m glad I got banninated from Fark so I’m not hip to these wacky web memes any more.

    Good info on the Topps messageboards though. I did a quick Google search for that site shows and it looks like they have hacked a bunch of forums. Topps’ site is trash, so I’m not surprised. Maybe Buysner and Bazonka Joe will get them up to the 21st century one of these days.

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