2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces

“Why buy RETAIL?”

I went into this product not entirely thrilled about it. First of all, the base cards didn’t impress me from seeing them online and the box breaks I saw on YouTube left a lot to be desired. Ultimately, I am very thankful I gave them a shot!

Design – A – What can I say about the photography…hmm, how about PERFECT? Upper Deck treats us with great new and classic photography (Piazza!), not to mention the very classy autographs and patch cards.

Price – B – This weekend Hanley Ramirez was in a local card shop signing autographs starting at $49. This box came with an autograph, 3 game-used patches, and tons of base cards (with many parallels) all for $120. I would say the price is fair but at $100 it would have been very respectable.

Pulls – A – All the usual stars, minus Jeter and Manny and a couple of nice prospects, including Phil Hughes, but no Joba. The hits were just about perfect! A Griffey Jr., Jose Reyes, and Roy Halladay. That’s about as good as you can get in U.D Masterpieces, I would assume…

Overall – A – Great value for four guaranteed hits, tons of base cards and some of the best-designed cards of the years. This is only the third “A” in almost twenty product reviews in 2007. Congrats, Upper Deck!




  1. Why buy retail? I’m just not impressed with the multi-colored framed parallel cards and relics don’t hold value anymore. You can spend $120 and get 24 packs with 4 hits, a handful of parallels and not quite the whole set, or you can spend $60 on three blasters, get 96 cards which is enough to get a full set with a little trading. You also might get a hit or two (I’ve already pulled 2 relics and an auto out of retail) plus you have that extra 60 bucks to spend on something else or to pick and choose the relics and autos you want from auctions. You got some really nice stuff out of this box, but not all of them will be this good. It’s a brilliant set though, and I’d just rather collect the set than the hits.

  2. Good point but I am a player collector, not set builder so I love Hobby, plus…I just got back into collecting this year after a decade so the idea of pulling pieces of bats and jerseys, as well as autographs is still a new and refreshing concept to me but you are right….why not just buy retail if all you want is a set and will settle for a relic or two.

  3. Just letting you know there is some special stuff in the boxes still out there. I busted a hobby box this week that I got for about $70 through a dealer on Beckett. It was my third box bust for this set. Aside from completing my base set, I pulled an Albert Pujols Bronze framed 1/1 GU AND a Nolan Ryan Auto. WOW. These kind of big pulls keep me interested in the hobby!

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