Wax Heaven @ Myspace!

Have not been posting the usual 4-5 blogs a day because it’s been really busy at work and I have been working on eBay, card trades, and now, the official Myspace page of Wax Heaven. I am just trying to come up with ways to overtake the evil Ben Henry for most well-known baseball card blog on the internet, except if that day ever comes I won’t be a jerk nor will I stop posting daily.

You can expect some new posts this weekend, and maybe even a new video box break. I am looking at either ’07 Legendary Lumber, ’07 Upper Deck Masterpieces, or ’07 Bowman Heritage. Of course, Tatiana, my wife, will be doing the pack opening. Something tells me if my ugly ass was opening those packs it would not have been as popular as it turned out to be.

So folks, if you are on Myspace, make sure to add me to your friends list….or else!!!



  1. I must have missed a memo… What exactly did Ben do to rate the ‘evil’ moniker? Did he kick Pat Neshek in the jewels or do some pack searching and pick out all the good Updates and Highlights packs at Target or something? Unless it’s just a rivalry thing… in which case it’s all good.

    I myself have a heated rivalry with Paris Hilton to be the skankiest ho in New York City. Of course I live in Georgia, and I’m not really skanky, but I kinda look like a young Santa Claus so I got the ho part down at least. The point is, I have a dream, and one day that bitch Paris is going down and I will live that dream! Follow your dreams! Beefcake, KICK ASS!

  2. I dropped the beef and added Ben’s blog and A Pack A Day to the blogroll.

    We don’t want another East vs. West / Biggie vs. Tupac on our hands.

    Or in this case it would be me, the Fonz vs. Urkel.

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