Mike Piazza is looking for work

It sure appears as if the Oakland A’s want nothing to do with Mike Piazza and it is such a shame, too. If any veteran deserves the opportunity to pad his all-time numbers, Piazza is the guy. Let’s look at the guy’s record off the field. Any arrests? No. How about Steroid accusations? Nope. The guy has been an angel on the field and his numbers have never spiked and then dropped off, like two other reputed-Juicers, Javy Lopes & Todd Hundley.

It’s clear that Mike is in his very last seasons of a storied career, in which he became the all-time home run leader among Catchers, not to mention a Rookie of the Year and 11 All-Star trips. His numbers? 9 seasons of 30+ home runs and 6 with 100+ RBI. Mike is a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame and with 427 career home runs, 1,335 RBI, and a .308 lifetime average the man deserves a shot with a ball club, even if it’s just part-time DH. You got a young catcher about to break in? Who better to mentor him than the best of all-time among catchers?

From Sports Illustrated:

Piazza to go?Word is, Mike Piazza has been looking east again for job possibilities. Sources indicate that in the event he fails to land work in the majors, he’s begun sending out feelers all over Japan’s Pacific League (the one with the DH).

Piazza, 39, is only a year removed from a very productive year in San Diego, but off his injury-plagued ’07 season, one AL exec isn’t surprised that Piazza is considering becoming the first Hall-of-Fame caliber player to make that switch. “No way he gets guaranteed money in the big leagues,” that exec predicted.

Piazza is already well-known in Japan as Hideo Nomo’s first catcher, more so than for being the greatest hitting catcher of all-time.



  1. Not that anyone’s gonna see this post but I wanted to be the first guy to comment on his retirement. I always hate to see one of the “rookies” from my childhood walk away. Especially such a prolific catcher (not that Mikey P was a very good “catcher” just a great hitter for a catcher.) I never collected the guy but I always liked to watch him play. Congratulations, Mr. Piazza, on a great career, what will no doubt become a first ballot induction for you and for being a part of my memories of what the game used to be.

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