Upper Deck sticks it to Barry Bonds?

The Internet is buzzing right now over what appears to be Upper Deck’s big prank on Barry Bonds, the home run record, and Major League Baseball. If this card turns out to be real and not some guy’s idea of a joke then Upper Deck might face a harsh reaction from MLB’s Licensing Department. Remember Donruss? They were a pretty large company but what happened when they got on MLB’s bad side? They lost their franchising rights and now produce crappy, college cards. Check out the crazy auction HERE.

For the record, I have nothing against Upper Deck’s hoax. Barry is a cheater and his record means absolutely nothing but if I paid $100+ on a pack of baseball cards and pulled that asterisk card I would be pissed….well, unless it has a nice value. At the moment the highest bid is $60 but that is only because no one knows if it is the real thing or not. If it turns out to be real you are looking at an ultra-rare error card that could sell for $500 or more. Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for more on the, um, well….how about “Asterisk-Gate”? Think that might catch on?



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