Tony LaRussa: Still an a$$hole

You may cite my never-ending dedication to Jose Canseco as the main reason for my LaRussa bashing but it goes way deeper. First of all, Tony has never missed an opportunity to rip into Jose, even while he was managing him. Yes, by the late 80’s Jose’s ego was probably way out of control but c’mon! You are supposed to be a leader and Jose was still a young man learning to cope with super stardom. Plus, there is no way that Tony did not know that Canseco, McGwire, and Giambi were all on Steroids. He is flat-out a liar, not to mention a funny drunk.

The next man being forced to face Tony’s alcohol-flavored wrath is former Rookie of the Year/All-Star Third Baseman Scott Rolen. Scotty is still upset for being benched during the ’06 post-season because of an injury but how injured could he have been if he went on to hit .421 during the World Series of that year? So instead of trying to repair things big man Tony releases THIS statement to the media. Good idea, Tony. Maybe you can let Scott know he’s been traded while he’s in the on-deck circle the way you did to Jose?

Scott Rolen has never been one of my favorite players but he has been a great power hitter in the past blasting 20+ home runs nine times and driving in 100+ RBI 5 times. Let’s not forget Scott was 4th in voting for the MVP in the National League just three seasons ago. Tony’s “I’m better than you” attitude is going to come back to kick him in the ass when Scott goes to another team and puts up great numbers elsewhere. I’d say that would be enough guilt to drive him in Alcoholism but he’s already there.



  1. I totally agree, LaRussa is an ass. I was probably the only one in Chicago not bitching about his firing. It was the only good move that “Hawk” Harrelson did in his short stint as GM for the White Sox.

    LaRussa’s drunkeness extends back to at least the 70’s. He was a drinking companion of my grandparents in California back then. One of my aunts has a boatload of autographed LaRussa stuff from when they passed away.

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