Andruw to L.A for $36.2 million?

What do you expect from the city that pays Paris Hilton millions of dollars to do nothing?

Apparently hitting .222 and whiffing 138 times in ’07 is worth close to $20 million a season! Well, now is the time for Andruw to prove that he is about more than half-assed offensive numbers and threesomes with dirty hookers (Google it).

So far we have seen the Marlins give up the two main faces of their franchise and the Atlanta Braves have just traded the second-best Jones in their line-up. What is next? How about Johan Santana to the Red Sox?

Oh, number 7 on the Wax Heaven Blacklist is about to be suspended for his HGH use just days after signing on to join his 8th team in less than a decade.



  1. Andruw didn’t get traded, he was thrown bodily out of Turner Field by large bouncers with anger management issues. They didn’t even offer him arbitration for fear that no one would sign him and they’d be stuck with him one more year. Maybe he’ll bounce back with the Dodgers though, who knows. I wish the Braves would just throw Jordan Schaefer to the wolves and let him start at CF next year. They say he’s already a stud defensively, give the kid a shot already.

  2. Adding Jones should help a power-starved outfield. Pierre stole 64 bases in 2007 but had the worst on-base plus slugging percentage (.685) among N.L. outfielders.

    LA Dodgers fan

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