What does $11, 487.77 get you these days?

Well, if you are rich and willing to spend it on eBay it will get you one of the ugliest cards in Beckett’s greatest cards list. Yes, it is a great concept and you are getting a card with the bat barrels of 4 guys with a combined 2,000+ home runs between them but look at the thing. It is hideous.

Aside from the Babe piece, the other 3 players aren’t exactly worth the price tag. Two of them have under 515 home runs and the other one has 534. Maybe in 1991 it would have been impressive but today’s Steroid-filled players hit 500 home runs in less than a decade! The 500 Home Run Club is just not elite any more. It’s a sad reality.

The only way that card would be worth close to 12 grand would be if it were the bats of Ruth, Mantle, Mays, and Ted Williams/Joe Dimaggio—and were signed in their blood! I have a feeling I am alone with this opinion, though.


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