Take my Marlins, please

On Monday morning someone sent me an e-mail asking me to trade the Brandon Wood By The Letter autograph I pulled from ’07 SP Authentic. After looking through his cards available for trade I fell in love with the most beautiful double-patch card I have ever seen; an Upper Deck Premier Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis beauty. I did everything I could to get my grubby, little hands on the card and this morning I was finally able to close the deal by trading the Wood auto, a game-used Miguel Tejada, and a Rookies prospect autograph. If you lost count, that is THREE cards for one. That is how badly I wanted the Marlins double patch.

Of course, not even 12 hours after making the trade official the Florida Marlins send Miguel and Dontrelle, the human versions, to the Detroit Tigers for stud pitcher Andrew Miller and a bunch of scrubs. While Miguel is overweight and Dontrelle was arrested for peeing in front of a cop…they were my home-grown stars and we loved them. I will never support the Marlins again, well, except maybe to get an Andrew Miller autograph but that’s all. I understand that people were not coming out to the games but that is because we are full of ourselves and prefer South Beach over baseball. God, I hate Floridians.



  1. Unfortunately, good players get traded all the time. Cherish the time they were on your team. What better way than to remember the good times than with a dual patch like that. I think that when enough time passes, you’ll be glad you made the trade with that guy. Again, it looks like a beautiful card.

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