Jimmie Foxx was a baseball God in 1932

Much like my post about Hack Wilson a few weeks back, I am amazed at the season Jimmie Foxx put together more than 70 years ago! By the end of the ’31 season Jimmie had established himself as a power-hitter by hitting 30+ home runs and 100+ RBI 3 years in a row but no one could have expected for him to do what he did the very next season. First of all, his 213 hits was a career high, so was his 58 home runs, 169 RBI, and .364 Average. It was a career year that won him his second of three M.V.P awards.

It took Jimmie 6 years to come close to another legendary season like that but in 1938 he hit 50 home runs and a new career high of 175 RBI with a grand .349 batting average. It would be his final great season and a few years later he would hang around too long after his prime. In his last three seasons he hit 8, 0, & 7 home runs before retiring at the age of 37. At that age, Barry was one season removed from his first 50 home run year. Think about that for a minute. What could Foxx have done with Barry Bonds’ personal trainers? 1,000 career home runs? Possibly.



  1. Absolutely ridiculous. I love the guys who were having seasons like Foxx and Hack and Babe before all this controversy came along. Who gives a shit if they were drunk? At least they weren’t juicing…

  2. Good point. I really think the talent during the 70’s and 80’s wasn’t as good as during the 60’s and earlier. The “stars” were guys like Robin Yount, Paul Molitor, Andre “the Hawk” Dawson and Mike Schmidt. Not really big guys in any way. And as for the 90’s the only true sluggers were Cecil Fielder and Griffey, Jr. In my opinion at least.

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