A month ago I wrote about how much potential 23-year old Hanley Ramirez possesses and that he might one day become the first-ever player to do the fabled “50-50“. I was a huge supporter of Hanley but my favorite player on the Marlins was without a doubt Miguel Cabrera. No, it wasn’t just because he and I are from Venezuela and are just three years apart. Miguel proved that it doesn’t just take a Hulk-like 6’4, 250 Lbs. monster to hit home runs. Despite his weight problems I do believe that one day he will be a 45-50 home run guy, unfortunately, just not with the Florida Marlins.

In just his second full-season in baseball Hanley hit 12 more home runs, 22 more RBI, and added .40 points to his average, not to mention stole 50 bases once more. Hanley is not just the future of the Marlins but perhaps the second-coming of Willie Mays. Remember, he is only 23 years old. I predict that if he stays off the Juice, out of trouble, and off the D.L, by the age of 27 Hanley will average 45 home runs, 140 RBI, 40 stolen bases, and a .350 average per season, unfortunately, just not with the Florida Marlins.

Andrew Miller is the one bright spot in this trade for me and I believe in the long run the Tigers will regret trading this prospect. Look at these numbers—at just 22 years of age he won 5 games for the Tigers last season and struck out 56. Did I mention that he is a Southpaw that stands at 6 feet, 6 inches? Randy Johnson, anyone?