An alternative to Photobucket!

For the record, I am getting absolutely nothing in return for this post. Simply put, I spent my entire work day searching for an alternative to Photobucket for your trading page needs. What is a trading page? Let’s say you got a bunch of cards that you want to trade and not sell. Most people upload their scans to, even myself, but I grew tired of their obtrusive ads and annoying pop-ups and have found a great, free alternative to Photobucket and best yet all you need is a Gmail account.

Check out my pathetic trading page HERE. I say it is pathetic because I haven’t scanned any good stuff yet. This weekend you can expect to see some decent stuff there. Maybe not a Ruth G/U but something decent. If you like what you see, create your very own trading page with Picasa, Photobucket, or use the old-fashioned HTML if you like and send an email to WAXHEAVEN@GMAIL.COM. I love all things Jose Canseco but I am open to other stuff, too.



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