Someone just got screwed on eBay!

Kevin Conley is the man when it comes to collecting high-end autographs and all things Edgar Martinez. His ’04 Leather and Lumber collection will leave any collector envious but what has earned his wrath these days is something that is happening to collectors on eBay every single day; paying big money for fake patches.

Check out this auction of a Donruss ’05 Prime Patches Edgar Martinez. To the untrained eye, including my own, everything looks fine. Unfortunately, it is an absolute fake and someone just paid $180 on a completely worthless card. This is happening every single day and for the most part eBay is doing nothing about it. Kevin e-mailed eBay and nothing was done about the auction before it closed and someone was ripped-off. Don’t believe me? Check out this fake Albert Pujols.

Kevin was nice enough to send me some cards to show the difference between real and fake patches.

The first two cards are real. He says one sure way to know if it is the real thing is the company will always state exactly where the patch comes from.

Authentic Game-Worn Jersey – Number Patch

Authentic Game-Worn Jersey – Team Logo Patch

…and here are two fakes;

Nothing but “Authentic Game-Worn Jersey”

Again, nothing but “Authentic Jersey Game Worn”.

It’s sort of like playing with fire when you use eBay, it is fun but sooner or later you will get burned. This post hopefully helps a little when making your next bid on that cool-looking patch.



  1. Whenever I’ve tried to point out a scam to eBay, I’m always told that they can’t do anything about it unless I am the buyer. How sad is that?

  2. Nice blog, here. I’m more from the early 90’s era of collecting myself and thus a game-used novice. I could understand how they insert fake material, but how is the card itself faked? The back of the Edgar card appears to be totally legit at least.

  3. I see now, so they take a GU card with one-color fabric (like the ones I get from Target boxes) and replace it with pieces cut up from the local sporting goods stores. That sucks, but it was bound to happen, I guess.

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