Yes, I can top Topps!!!

So part-time blogger Ben Henry has asked his “readers” the question, “Can you top Topps?”.

I am pretty sure I have been able to top Topps since the mid-80’s when I received my first pack of crayons. This really is not much of a challenge seeing as 95% of their card is the photograph. I too have taken this challenge and designed my very own baseball card, which I doubt will see the light of day at ‘The Baseball Card Blog’.

Now, you might be wondering where did I find such a great photo of Jose’s twin brother, Ozzie Canseco. Well, it just so happens that every Monday morning he stands out in front of my local Publix super market with a bunch of his ’89-’92 baseball cards and offers to sign them for the kids with a personal inscription, “Jose’s better half, only half better!”.

As you can see by the very classy Topps sticker, this is an autographed insert placed in packs of Topps series 6 and sold exclusively through Rent A Centers in the Pompano Beach area. Feel free to print out this beauty and send it to Topps so they can see what a real baseball card looks like!



  1. Ha! That is epic! I laughed out loud at this, and I actually like Topps’ designs. I didn’t know Ozzie was still playing for Huntsville…

  2. Thank you!

    I am sure Ozzie is living in an acid-trip like state and stuck in the early 90’s when the A’s brought him up to the majors.

    It’s a little creepy if you think about it.

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