Worst Baseball Card of 2007

As a preview of the Waxies, coming December 30th, I am giving away the first award not listed on the ballot, for the worst single card of 2007. It goes to none other than the $400 a pack Sports Kings and it’s base card of legendary pitcher Roger Clemens. The drawing pretty much speaks for the ‘Rocket’s’ entire 2007 season and his decision on coming out of retirement yet again to steal old man Steinbrenner’s money.

Roger – Should I return? Fuck it. Why not?

I am not a Clemens fan but I know that if I paid half of my rent money on a single pack of Sport Kings and pulled something as half-assed as this I would be pretty pissed off at myself for being stupid enough to buy into the Beckett-hyped Sport Kings release.

Back to the Waxies, there will be a very special award and blog badge given to the owner of the best baseball card blog. The nominees are all listed in my blog roll under ‘The Competition’. As much as I would like to give the award to myself, it would be a conflict of interest. Damn!

Make sure to send in your votes ASAP, you have less than a month! WAXHEAVEN@GMAIL.COM or in the official blog post.



  1. That’s the problem with art cards. You have to do them right or they look awful. A buddy of mine’s wife did design for magazines and she said you never should use art for magazine covers because unless it’s done perfectly it looks really cheap.

    My favorite all-time set is the 1953 Topps set that used paintings instead of photos. Now, a few of the players in that set are just plain ugly, and a bunch of them have a goofy expression on their face, and Dizzy Trout manages to do both. However, Dizzy’s painting doesn’t look cheap and half-assed like this card does. It looks like an accurate representation of Dizzy and you can really get a feel for his whacko personality on the card.

    This card is just a mess, someone had to work really hard to make Clemens look that dopey! A painting is not a photograph. You can make the guy look good if you really want to. This artist needs to look at Rembrandt’s work. Rembrandt painted a lot of really ugly people in his work, yet the portraits are still beautiful because of his skill in expressing the humanity in the faces. I’m not asking for Rembrandt, but for 400 bucks a pack you can commission something better than that.

  2. Clemens looks like he should do a cameo in the next Harold & Kumar movie. I can see him playing a womanizing coke fiend, from how this card looks, more than I believe that Doogie can be one.

  3. I collect Clemens and I am disappointed that eventually I will have to add this stupid looking card to my collection. By the way, I hate this whole issue. I had fun though watching some of the video box breaks and people tried to fake excitement over some of the cards they got.

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