Video Box Break: 2007 SP Authentic

Our first-ever video box break of 2007 SP Authentic. Make sure to watch me freaking out like a little kid when I pull the big “hit”.

We should be doing one of ’07 Bowman Heritage soon.




  1. You’re absolutley right about Paul Konerko and Jim Thome. The Bobby Jenks in the last pack looked nice too.

    Congrats on the Braun pull! That looks awesome!!!

  2. Awesome video, but I didn’t notice any cards 😉 just kidding… Pretty cool you got that fantastic hit the first pack. That thing looks sweet with the gold on the letter. If you’re in a trading mood, I’m sure I have some Canseco stuff to trade for that Chipper insert.

  3. I’m a Braves fan and I got a bunch of Chippers. If I were ever to shift from set builder to player collector, I’d have a real good head start on Chipper. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know what you have and I’ll find some Cansecos or anything else you might want.

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