2007 SP Authentic

“It’s about damn time!”

I went into my card shop with no other plans but to buy some Ultra Pro pages and came out with a hobby box of SP Authentic, one of the most appealing releases of the year, well at least for me. I fell in love with these cards when I saw their ad in Beckett but didn’t expect I would be getting one because of having to save for the holidays but the price was right so I took a chance and boy did it pay off!

Design – B – Maybe I am being a little nice because the base cards are really plain to me and the ‘Authentic Inserts’ that came one per pack were ugly and cheap-looking. What saves the design grade for SP Authentic are the gorgeous ‘By The Letter’ autographs/memorabilia cards.

Price – B –  Some might disagree but for $110 you get more than enough for any collector. Not only do you get two ‘By The Letter’ autographs but you get TONS of cards. A third “hit” would of scored the price an ‘A’.

Pulls – A – Man, I am so happy with my ‘By The Letters’ autographed Ryan Braun #’d to just 50. I also came away with most of today’s super stars so all and all it was an excellent box.

Overall – B – I wanted to give it a perfect grade but the design with the exception of the ‘By The Letter’ inserts was a bit uninspired. I recommend this release to anyone who can afford it, specially if you can find it under $100.



  1. Wow, looked like a great box. Ryan braun pull must have been super jewish sexy, I’ll look into this and see if i can get a box a bit cheap(card stores around me/ebay?_?)

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