Wax Heaven’s Baseball Card Awards!

It’s almost time to say good-bye to 2007 and all its baseball card goodness it brought us. This year we were presented with Bowman Chrome SuperFractors selling on eBay for small fortunes, a cheap company putting pieces of Pete Rose’s bat into cheap-looking cards, and the usual rookie madness that pollutes the hobby every year.

Speaking of pollution, there is nothing like another awards show to make the industry feel good about itself. So with that, I introduce the first-ever baseball card awards, AKA…The Waxies! You, the collector is going to get the final say on who gets what award by either voting in this topic or sending out an e-mail to WaxHeaven@Gmail.com. Voting ends on  December 30th, 2007. The awards show is December 31st! You can vote as many times as you want so long as it comes from different e-mails or profiles.

The Categories:

Best Release

Best Base Card

Best Insert Card

Best Design


Worst Release

Worst Base Card

Worst Insert

Worst Design


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