Wax Heaven Mail Day

It’s been seven long years since my last purchase on eBay and just as long since I have been able to update my personal Jose Canseco baseball card collection. Yesterday, these two beauties found their way into my mail box.

Check out the design on this g/u bat card of Jose from 2002 Playoff. Most cards released after Jose’s retirement only hurt the baseball card world but this one finally gets it right. Thank you, Mr. Elite.

When I scanned this 1993 Topps Finest I made sure not to shrink it down too much in Photoshop. I wanted this beauty to be seen in its full glory. Sad to say but up until a month ago I had no idea this Canseco card even existed. That is because Finest was so rare that I didn’t think they made a Canseco card, something that is not un-common post-1993 for Jose. The refractor of this card books for $80 which pretty means I will never get one, not because I can’t afford it but because in 2007 there should be no card of Jose Canseco that sells for more than $30. Thank you, EJS Cards.


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