Underrated Brand – 1997 Finest

Maybe it’s just me but when I talk to collectors about their favorite brands from the 90’s many will list ’90 Leaf, ’92 Bowman, ’98 Flair Showcase, and ’97 Bowman Chrome. All those are great brands and ’98 Flair might just be the most beautiful cards ever made but there is always one release that never gets the respect it deserves and that is 1997 Topps Finest.

I mean, sure, no Finest release will ever top it’s ’93 debut as far as rarity, innovation, and collector’s respect is concerned, but 1997 finally made Topps’ most luxurious brand available to almost anyone. At an average of $5 a pack you could not only get yourself baseball cards almost twice as thick as the regular brands but prettier than almost anything out in ’97.

Today, collectors can find complete sets of ’97 Finest for less than $20 but that is not an insult to the beauty of the cards but to the players featured. Canseco, Bonds, Caminiti, McGwire, & others won’t exactly fill Cooperstown anytime soon and their rookie selection left a lotto be desired but aside from that, it is definitely a set to pick up if you appreciate beautiful baseball cards.


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