Underrated Brand – 1996 Emotion E-XL

It’s funny how no one I traded with in 1996 knew what the hell Emotion E-XL was. I would pull out all the big stars; Mark McGwire, Cal Ripken Jr., Alex Rodriguez, and they still didn’t want anything to do with me. This is what is known as the, “Oddball-Effect”, which is similar to prejudice. Collectors who own name brands like Upper Deck and Topps will laugh in your face (or worse) if you try to make a trade with your K-Mart All-Stars Nolan Ryan or Sears Home Run King Jose Canseco. In the real world it would be like if I were the owner of the Marlins and offered up Dan Uggla for Albert Pujols in a trade. Sure, both are ball players, but….well you know where I am going with this. Sadly, Emotion E-XL was faced with the “Oddball-Effect” up until they came out and killed the competition with this.

What can I say about this card that doesn’t speak for itself? The cards were the thickest of 1996, that includes Finest. It was like driving a Mercedes, and come to think of it, maybe my trading buddies were just jealous cause all they had were cheap Topps and Upper Deck and I had my beautiful ’96 Emotion. Another thing that added to the greatness of these cards are that each and every player had their own adjective next to their photo. Eventually, that would be repeated by other releases but this was the first and it worked cause it made every card fun to look at….even Edgar Martinez!

There are a couple of boxes on eBay for this great product, one is retail and going for $24.99 and the same exact box for $60 but something is fishy about the auction so no link. I don’t want any Wax Heaven readers getting scammed. Best thing to do is wait around and eventually someone reputable will put it up for sale and when they do—good luck trying to outbid me!


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