The Blacklist – Rick Ankiel

With the amount of coverage Rick Ankiel was getting from ESPN you’d think he had discovered a cure for Cancer, or at the very least Barry Bonds’ back pimples. Nope. All he did was come back to the majors as a power-hitting outfielder after failing miserably as a pitcher. The story was great and even I was getting excited but when he kept hitting one home run after another I began to wonder how in the world could he possibly be doing this?  Well, cheating, that’s how.

This is a pretty big blow to LaRussa, who since coming to St. Louis has led a monster Juicer to a home run crown, has seen one of his players die due to stupidity, has himself been popped for D.U.I, and finally been connected to another big story turned sour with Ankiel. It’s no wonder that Jose Canseco absolutely hates this guy. There is nothing worse than a hypocrite.

Rick, sorry I got distracted. Welcome to the Wax Heaven Blacklist.


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