On August 1st 2005 it was hard to find another man more hated than Jose Canseco by the M.L.B, its players, and fans. Everything changed on August 2nd when the finger-pointing, wanna-be hard ass Rafael Palmeiro was suspended for Steroid use. If this didn’t come a shock to 99% of you then you are probably lying.

I collected, without choice, Palmeiro cards for over a decade and if I had one word to describe him before August 2nd, it would have been, “boring”. Today, he is still boring but there is a much better named to call Raffy, “cheater”.  Up until Bonds was caught cheating, this was the biggest name to ever be caught, STAT-wise, anyways. The guy was a season away from 600 home runs and his 3,000th hit celebration was not even dry on paper when he was caught.

It’s a shame because he was a guaranteed first ballot Hall of Fame member without getting caught. Today, Rafael has disappeared off the face of Earth. If you have seen Rafael Palmeiro, please contact Wax Heaven. Miguel Tejada is looking for him and he does not look happy.