The Blacklist – Mark McGwire

You didn’t think I’d leave out our favorite all-American cheater off the blacklist, now did you? The thing that really confuses me about Big Mac is that when he came up he was a wimpy-looking kid that couldn’t have weighed more than 200 lbs. and he went on to set the rookie home run record with 49. I don’t believe he was on Steroids when he came up specially when you look at his numbers from ’86 to ’94 in which he was a full-fledged power hitter but only reached 40+ home runs just once in those 8 years. Something happened to Big Mac in 1995 because when spring training began he looked like the incredible hulk, only with a goatee and blond mullet. He now weighed 250+ lbs. and was destroying the baseball at an alarming rate. The next season, his 11th in the majors he finally hit 50+ home runs. The year after that he barely missed 60. The next? He shattered Roger Maris’ single-season record which stood 30 years with 70 home runs.

Mark would go on to have 3 more productive seasons before retiring, somewhat abruptly, in 2001, the very same year his record was surpassed by #1 cheater Barry Bonds. Mark walked off into the sunset and was remembered as a hero up until Jose Canseco’s book came out and accused Mark of cheating. Jose was the most hated man in baseball and no one believed him, specially not king of drunks, Tony LaRussa. It wasn’t until his testimony in front of congress that we learned the truth about our all-American hero. Turns out, Big Mac has some pretty big skeletons in his closet. Perhaps they took something a little stronger than Creatine.

Big Mac really disappointed me. I was once a big fan of him but I decided to put my money where my mouth is the other weekend. Mark, you liar, welcome to the Wax Heaven Blacklist.



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