Someone just got screwed on eBay!

The t206 Honus Wagner of 2007, a graded Bowman Chrome SuperFractor 1/1 Joba Chamberlain just sold on eBay for $5,037.75! The problem? The winning bidder is a well-known non-payer with a 81.3% positive feedback. Check out this waste of space’s eBay profile. This eBay member has failed to pay $46 on a card, $900 on a Jet Sky, and $225 on a Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor and now he just won a baseball card for over $5,000. You think he’s going to actually pay up? Seeing as there was 31 bids for this card and he won out I would be very upset right now if I don’t get my money for the card.

Ebay is such a joke.

Published by Mario A.

The Man Who Ruled Card Blogs ...

2 thoughts on “Someone just got screwed on eBay!

  1. what a tool, he should be banned, they should have a way to block jerks like that

    I think you could do a regular column “Someone Just Got Screwed on eBay” – part comedy part watch dog

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