The Blacklist – Jose Guillen

Here was a man who with the Pirates was being hailed as the next Roberto Clemente, a hero who died at 38 in an airplane that was going to help victims of a destructive earthquake that ravaged Nicaragua. Jose Guillen was a hot prospect in the mid-90’s with a cannon for an arm and some pop in his bat. Unfortunately, Guillen wore out his welcome with the Pirates in just his third season and has since been on 7 different team in just 5 years. That says a lot about anyone, let alone a baseball player.

Surprisingly, or not, depends on who you ask, Guillen became somewhat of a power hitter in 2003 when he went on to hit 31 home runs. This was quite a feat for a man who never hit more than 14 in his first 6 seasons. Thanks to a recent news story, Jose Guillen has landed on a list that Roberto Clemente could never land on even if he tried. Jose, welcome to the Wax Heaven Blacklist. Enjoy your stay!

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