The Blacklist – Jason Giambi

Here is another case of a man who once faced with the world knowing he cheated went and told the truth. He told the truth knowing that the second that it leaked to the media his career might come to an end and that his reputation would never survive. I have a very good feeling that the man that introduced Jason to Steroids in none other than his mentor in Oakland, Mark McGwire.

It’s fair to assume that Jason was helped by Steroids from ’99 to ’03 in which he hit 33, 43, 38, 41, & 41 home runs. After that he “mysteriously” became injured and has not played a full year in 4 seasons. Despite his admitting to cheating, in New York and other MLB cities he still gets loud cheers for at least being man enough to admit he did wrong. Unfortunately, that will not get him off the Wax Heaven Blacklist.

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