Babe Ruth: By the numbers

I might as just say it now so there is no confusion. Babe Ruth is and will always be the greatest baseball player of all-time. Sure, there have been better athletes (Mays & Mantle), and guys that hit more home runs & RBI (Aaron), and sadly, someone will one day soon hit 800, 900, maybe even 1,000 home runs but nothing can tarnish the image of the Sultan of Swat.

Look at these numbers;

13 season with 30+ home runs, 11 with 40+, 4 with 50+.

13 seasons with 100+ RBI and 17 seasons with a .300 or better batting average.

12 seasons with 100+ runs, 100+ career stolen bases, and two seasons with 20+ wins as a pitcher!!!

How about this last nugget; in 1927 Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs. That was more home runs by one man than any other team in the American League. In order for that to happen today Barry Bonds would have to rub twice as much Steroids on his ass and hit 180 or more home runs to even match a single team’s entire output.

That being said, thanks to eBay, the once unimaginable feat of owning a Babe Ruth game-used bat card is becoming more and more affordable than ever. Sure, there are still cards that push $5,000 or more but why pay for an over-priced Lexus when a Camry will cost you a lot less and take you just as far, if not farther?

Check out these current eBay auctions that have made my goal of owning a Babe Ruth G/U card one step closer. If you find an auction that requires my attention you can e-mail me at

1. 2006 Exquisite #’d to 45, three patches – Current bids – 0, Buy It Now – $499

2. 2004 Timeless Treasures #’d to 25, bat/jersey – Current bids – 4, Current Price – $445

3. 2007 Upper Deck Premier #’d 60, jersey, Current bids – 3, Current Price – $157.50



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