Man, this is a hard thing to do. How do I run a baseball card blog when I have followed the career of a man that single-handedly introduced Steroids to great players such as Mark McGwire, Jason Giambi, & Rafael Palmeiro, thus getting them into the blacklist? How do I add my own hero to the blacklist? A man I worshiped from the age of 9 years old up until 2002 when he admitted to Steroid use? A man who’s 1,000+ cards still take up space in my home to this day? Easy. If you cheat, you end up on the Wax Heaven Blacklist.

Throw away his Rookie of the Year, M.V.P, and 4 Silver Slugger awards. Take back his 7 seasons of 30+ home runs and 6 seasons of 100+ RBI. At best, Jose is left with a clean conscience and fleeting fame. Not quite the way we expected his story to end. It’s not just a few steps away from Cooperstown, it’s states away!