Rickey & Steroids: We may never know

Ever since the news came of Barry Bonds’ indictment on lying about using Steroids I have begun to wonder what other players have used performance-enhancers and gotten away with it. I never suspected Rafael Palmeiro, despite being Jose Canseco’s teammate in the early 90’s and that was my own fault. Still, there is a man who played with Jose during his Glory Days and could have just as easily been using the stuff with Jose & Big Mac in that infamous bathroom stall Jose wrote about in his tell-all best seller.

Truth be told I hope it never did happen but when you look at Rickey’s amazing numbers and his unbelievable physique, specially later in his career you begin to wonder. After all, he holds the record for most seasons in baseball for a non-pitcher (25) and played well into his mid-40’s in a somewhat productive manner. Let’s not also forget he holds the record for most career lead-off home runs and came mighty close to 300 for a guy who was in no way a “power-hitter”.

I guess I am just being too negative. This horrible Steroid-era has made cynics out of 99% of us and the 1% who still believe baseball is pure and innocent are living with their eyes wide shut for fear that their hero has also cheated in the past. For baseball’s sake I hope Rickey was never guilty of anything but being way too full of himself.



  1. I wouldn’t sweat it. The history of baseball is the history of cheating. King Kelly practically rewrote the rule book himself with all the shenanigans he pulled. There have been legions of spitballers, corkers and sign stealers. You’ve got Ty Cobb’s spikes, Whitey Ford’s wedding ring and Graig Nettles’ Super Balls. Steroids is a little different, as the player is altering their own body instead of their equipment, but people who abuse that stuff are going to pay for it eventually anyway. You have to have the talent in the first place before steroids can give you that extra edge.

  2. Signs Henderson couldn’t be on steroids.
    1- his numbers went steadily down hill (he knew how to work a walk thats why he stuck around)
    2- he entered the majors in the same shape and size he left it. So unless he was taking steroids in 1979 …..
    3- he had injures all the time and didnt make any amazing recoveries.
    4- Jose Canseco didn’t name him in his book- that should be enough proof there.
    5- every reporter in america loves to pick on Rickey- if there was a shred of doubt in his records – every paper in america would be talking about it.

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