2006 Bowman Heritage

Yeah, I am a little late but since I bought this product in 2007 I figure I should do a review. First of all, I didn’t buy it, my wife did. She went to the local store to get Topps Heritage ’07 and accidently picked up ’06 Bowman Heritage. She made a similar mistake when she was going to get ’07 Fleer Ultra and returned home with the worst-reviewed Fleer ’07. Normally, I’d complain but having a woman in my life who is not a 600-lbs. beast and is actually into collecting and goes and gets me a box every once in a while by surprise makes me a pretty lucky man. Anyways, on to the review of ’06 Bowman Heritage!

Design – C – The card backgrounds have all sort of different colors but the actual player photographs are very choppy, almost as if they were rushed in the Photoshop department. Aside from that, the retro-style works fairly well.

Price – B – $70 for a box with 3 “hits” is excellent and the amount of cards goes above and beyond what I usually end up with.

Pulls – C – I didn’t get all the stars I wanted but Chipper Jones and Dontrelle Willis memorabilia cards sure as heck make up for it.

Overall – B – A great product that could have easily pulled an “A” were it not for the photography problems. If you can find it for under $70 today and don’t mind not getting the latest prospect and enjoy great cards you definitely want to pick yourself up a box of ’06 Bowman Heritage.




  1. I love Bowman Heritage. It’s usually good looking, cheap and has the three hits. Last years set had a bunch of problems (ie. the white parallel flustercluck) but overall it was still a nice set and the minis look great. It sucks they are discontinuing it after this year without ever doing a 1953 themed set.

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