Hack Wilson was a Baseball God in 1930

If you are a STAT nerd like myself than the name Hack Wilson means a lot to you. If you are some rookie/prospect collector hoarding every parallel Joba rookie from Bowman Chrome in your mom’s basement then you probably have no idea who I am talking about.

Hack Wilson is without a doubt one of the greatest sluggers of all-time, who not only holds the record for most RBI in one season, but also held the National League Single-Season Home Run Record for decades until a couple of juiced-up boys surpassed it in 1998.

In 1930, Hack Wilson managed to play in 155 games, something he had never done before and would never do again. What was the result of a full-season for Hack? How about 56 Home Runs, 191 RBI, 208 Hits, and a .356 Avg.? Good luck finding a season on paper better than that! You won’t. Hack even out-shined a prime Babe Ruth that year. That is why it’s sad to see one of his only bat cards selling for so damn low on eBay.

Unfortunately, Hack Wilson only played for 12 seasons before Alcoholism took over his life and he died at a very young 48 years of age. Still, no matter how you put it—for one season he was bigger, badder, and better than the greatest of all-time, Babe Ruth.



  1. thats pretty amazing. especially back in those days..
    most guys are not even that good now. lol. 😀

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