2007 Upper Deck

“The best photography of all ’07 products!”

Upper Deck bores me. It is either pathetic or a testament of their stability that I could walk away from the hobby for a decade and see some Upper Deck cards from today and see the resemblance. It’s almost as if they do one or two design tweaks a year and nothing more. I went into this experience not expecting much and was left satisfied with their product for the first time ever.

Design – B – Okay, it goes without saying that their photography this year was excellent. They truly went above and beyond with this year’s release. The cards are very “2007” yet still have that Upper Deck touch to them.

Price – A – You can’t go wrong with three “hits” and tons of cards for $70. Today you can find a box on eBay for under $50 if you know how to bid.

Pulls – A – Finally, a box that lives up to its price. I got all the star cards and two great “hits”, a Jeter jersey and Puckett G/U bat. There was also an autograph. Not bad for $70.

Overall – B – I am shocked that I am giving regular Upper Deck a B grade but they definitely deserve it. If you have $50 lying around make sure to buy yourself a wax box soon!



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