2007 Upper Deck Spectrum

“What cards might look like in 2010”

Upper Deck Spectrum looks like something you might pull out of a pack of cards in Clockwork Orange. Unfortunately, I believe that it is a brand that fell through the cracks of other similar releases of 2007.

Design – B – The cards are thick, metallic, and very shinny. It doesn’t hurt that the photography is spectacular and each card resembles a refractor.

Price – B – For $100 I bought an excellent Upper Deck release that had 4 “hits” and many beautiful cards with a couple of rare parallels. Unfortunately, the price has tumbled online to about $60 per Hobby box.

Pulls – C – While I was thankful to pull just about every star player in the regular base set, the “hits” were not exactly noteworthy. How many more Michael Bourn autographs will I pull out of ’07 product this year?!?

Overall – C – The grade might be surprising but the reality is as nice as these cards look and with as many “hits” as you are going to get it is still a very dull release that is likely to be forgotten a couple of days after your purchase.



One comment

  1. Upper Deck Spectrum was the first hobby box I purchased this year. I completed around 90% of the set from the box. The pulls were nice (no White Sox, but still nice), and I was impressed with the product itself. This set is definitely overlooked. Most of the pulls I got are still on eBay. They garner a lot of watches, but no buys yet.

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