2007 Upper Deck SP – Rookie Edition

“Surprisingly rewarding!”

I have always been fond of pre-2000 SP products. They always had a great, classy feel to them even if most times they didn’t book for much. They are after all, responsible for one of the biggest rookie cards of the 90’s with ’94 SP’s A-Rod release.

Design – A – Futuristic and great photography as expected but what was really creative was how they incorporated their old designs and brought them back with new players. There is something surreal about pulling a Matsuzaka cards with a ’95 SP design.

Price – A – For $60 and two guaranteed “hits” this is one of the most valuable products in a long time. On eBay you can find them for under $50!

Pulls – C – That being said, my two “hits” weren’t great but I did get pretty much all of the superstars and not many commons.

Overall – B – This was a great product at an excellent price. My two auto’s probably won’t make me a fortune but it was definitely one of the more fun box breaks of the year.



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