2007 Upper Deck Artifacts

26 11 2007

“Where is the SNOOZE button?”

So here is Upper Deck Artifacts, a product I truly wanted to get into but just could not. Everything about this products screams “MEDIOCRE”.

Design – C– Boring design and half-assed photography best describes Artifacts. That being said, it does just enough to not get a failing grade by having well-done “hits”.

Price – C – For $80 you get some superstars and two guaranteed “hits”. You might as well wait a few months for it to get cheap on eBay.

Pulls – C – You won’t get all the superstars you’d like and your going to get two guaranteed “hits” but nothing worth bragging about and if you collect just one player, this card will bring down your collection.

Overall – C – Average at best, not worth big money but a good box to buy for some great looking autographs and game-used memorabilia. Overall, Upper Deck phoned in Artifacts.





3 responses

28 11 2007

I like the design of this set, but you’re right on this stuff having no value for hobby packs. You’re better off buying three blasters for 20 bucks apiece and getting most of the set plus three relics then buying a hobby box.

28 11 2007

Ha! For fun, I did a search for Hobby boxes of this stuff and they are going for $44 bucks online and less than that on eBay. Hell, I might pick one up for that price.

28 11 2007
Mario C.

Damn. I feel ripped off.

What exactly is a Blaster?

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