2007 Topps Co-Signers

“Beauty is nothing without brains.”

It was summer and I had gone 10 years without buying as much as a pack of baseball cards. Out of pure impulse I walked into a hobby store and bought myself a $120 Hobby box of Topps Co-Signers after reading about a card that featured an autograph by Alex Rodriguez and legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin. In the end I got some of the prettiest cards I have ever pulled but nothing great.

Design – A – What else can you say about the look of these cards? Perfect? Yup.

Price – D– I paid $120 for a box that now sells on eBay for no more than $70. I blame the Astronaut card, a rookie that didn’t live up to his hype (Matsazuki), and my dumb impulse.

Pulls – C – I got most of the big stars of today and two sweet-looking autographs and a few parallels but nothing worth its price tag.

Overall – C – Hey, if you can get a Hobby box for $70 I highly recommend this amazing product but anything more would be foolish. Don’t make the same mistake I made.



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