2007 Topps Chrome

“Anti-climatic at best.”

It’s no secret that I love refractors. It should also be known that for over 15 years Topps main series has bored the hell out of me. I do all I can to avoid Topps but with the Chrome technology I actually have a reason to buy the souped-up Topps product.

Design – C – Boring, with a huge black border. The photography is some of the worst I have seen in ’07 products. The only thing that saves this release is its full stats of players on the card backs.

Price – B – For under $80 you can’t go wrong and the two guaranteed “Hits” is certainly worth it but buyer-beware….there are not a lot of cards and if you want to complete the series you might need to buy as many as three boxes.

Pulls – D – Look at the scan. Aside from the two autographs those cards were the best players I could find from the entire Hobby box. I also pulled 15 refractors but nothing worth a damn and two nice-looking but worthless autographs.

Overall – C – Not a horrible product and the all-black cards with the silver sticker autographs have so much potential but I probably need to go through another Hobby box to be able to enjoy this product.



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