2007 Topps Allen & Ginter

“Mediocre & expensive.”

I’ll admit that I got caught up in the ridiculous George Washington DNA card that was included in the Allen & Ginter release and of course, I was not fortunate enough to pull it but for what I paid I was hoping to pull something a little nicer than a Mariano Rivera 1/1.

Design – A – The design is simply beautiful, great photography/artwork, and just about perfect for autographs.

Price – D – I paid $150 during its initial release and got back less than $20 worth of cards, according to Beckett. I may have been victim to pre-release hype because boxes are barely breaking a C-Note on eBay as we speak.

Pulls – C – I got just about every superstar in base card form and a bunch of nice Dick Perez artwork (I lucked out on the really bad ones). I also got a nice 1/1 Mariano Rivera Printing Plate and 1 jersey swatch card (Mark Mulder – WHO?). Overall, lots of commons and semi-stars and a bunch of cards of former Presidents, flags, and the Washington Monument.

Overall – C – The only great thing about this product was the design. There was no great “Hits” at all. I pretty much exchanged $100+ in return for a $20 and two cards of the Three Stooges.




  1. I reserved a box of this before it was released for $85 and when I went to pick it up at noon the day is went live it was already up to $120 a box. I love this set to death (only three cards from completing it!) but the way people have gone nuts for hobby boxes the past couple of years is just insane. A box is well worth the $85 I paid, but anything over $100 and you’re gambling for a crazy hit. You’re better off buying 6 blasters for 20 bucks each and getting twice the cards and probably just as many hits.

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