2007 Bowman

“Mandatory yet never boring.”

In today’s rookie-crazed baseball card world it is mandatory to pick up either a box of Bowman or Bowman Chrome, preferably both. I went into this product knowing that when Chrome came out I’d basically be buying the same cards over again but for a lot more money and I did not even care. Bowman pretty much demands the respect of every baseball card collector in the world.

Design – A – Some people did not like such dark cards but I love the black and green borders. The photography was not just excellent but in some cases was creatively used, which I can always appreciate.

Price – B – I might have overpaid to get it as soon as possible but for $80 you get a ton of cards, rookies, and one guaranteed “hit”. I just can’t argue with that.

Pulls – B – The rookies pretty much ruled my box and I only got about 50% of today’s superstars. The autograph was actually on the card which I don’t like as much as the sticker because it almost got lost in the shuffle.

Overall – B – It’s going to be a couple of seasons before I will know if this year’s Bowman bunch is worth anything or if I am holding on to a bunch of cards from AA superstars who end up working as disgruntled carpenters and bus drivers for the rest of their lives.




  1. I don’t know, I’ve been bored to death by Bowman the past couple of years. I wish they would just scrap the veterans and do an all-prospects set. It seems to me that all the good rookies come out of the Bowman Draft picks sets anyway. Who knows though, that might change in a couple of years with the new prospects insert set they are using to circumvent the MLB Rookie card rules.

  2. As I am new to collecting I picked Bowman as my first set to complete. I must say I do like the cards very much. As well as the hits that they come with, they’ve been decent for me anyway. I am a few cards short so if someone can help I would greatly appreciate it.

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