2007 Topps Heritage

“I got nothing. NOTHING.”

Damn, this is the first Hobby box I opened that had zero “hits”. Nothing. What a disappointment that turned out to be. I guess’07 SPx spoiled me.

Design – B – The design is amazing, if you are into retro-style cards. The photography is beautiful, unlike the weird-looking cards from ’07 Bowman Heritage.

Price – C – Sure, I bought my box for $60 and for the amount of cards it’s not a bad deal but having no guaranteed “hit” was a big let-down. There is no excuse for that.

Pulls – D – A ton of cards, mostly commons, no “Hits”, 1 refractor.

Overall – C – These cards are perfect for getting signed at games but aside from the great design, overall, the product was a disappointment.




  1. This product is designed for set builders who don’t usually care too much about the hits. Still, it’s lame that they can’t provide one per box when Bowman Heritage gets three. Maybe there will be some extra jersey swatches lying around next year that Heritage can use since Bowman Heritage is getting discontinued.

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