2007 Topps Finest

25 11 2007


Wow, if ever Topps decided to stack a hobby box it was my 2007 hobby box which cost me a ridiculous $180. The cards are thick, well-designed, and the player selection is excellent. Quite honestly, from the packaging to the stats on the back of the cards, this product was perfect.

Design – B – The cards had a very futuristic-style to them. Photography was not always excellent. The back of the cards only had one seasons’s stats but listed the players “finest moment”, along with their personal stats and a small b/w portrait photo.

Price – C – I had to pay close to $200 but for what I received I feel that it was fair price. On eBay the going rate seems to be $150 but with shipping it doesn’t come out to be much less than what I paid.

Pulls – A+ – Man, I have never seen so many refractors in one place. I have never been able to afford a box of Chrome/Finest so I think in 15 years of collecting I had maybe 5 refractors. In this one box alone I pulled 18, including an autographed one! I also managed to get 2, 1/1 printing plates! AWESOME!

Overall – A – The price alone might scare a few thrifty collectors but for the cards I pulled, the refractors, and the high-quality cards it was well worth it.





2 responses

28 11 2007

I really wish I had splurged and gotten at least a mini box of this stuff this year. This set is so good looking.

28 11 2007
Mario C.

The Hobby box had three mini boxes. How much were the seperate mini-boxes?

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