2007 Topps Finest


Wow, if ever Topps decided to stack a hobby box it was my 2007 hobby box which cost me a ridiculous $180. The cards are thick, well-designed, and the player selection is excellent. Quite honestly, from the packaging to the stats on the back of the cards, this product was perfect.

Design – B – The cards had a very futuristic-style to them. Photography was not always excellent. The back of the cards only had one seasons’s stats but listed the players “finest moment”, along with their personal stats and a small b/w portrait photo.

Price – C – I had to pay close to $200 but for what I received I feel that it was fair price. On eBay the going rate seems to be $150 but with shipping it doesn’t come out to be much less than what I paid.

Pulls – A+ – Man, I have never seen so many refractors in one place. I have never been able to afford a box of Chrome/Finest so I think in 15 years of collecting I had maybe 5 refractors. In this one box alone I pulled 18, including an autographed one! I also managed to get 2, 1/1 printing plates! AWESOME!

Overall – A – The price alone might scare a few thrifty collectors but for the cards I pulled, the refractors, and the high-quality cards it was well worth it.



  1. I really wish I had splurged and gotten at least a mini box of this stuff this year. This set is so good looking.

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