2007 SPx

“Best of 2007!”

I remember the first years of SPx, around 1996 or 1997 they were great-looking, cut-out cards with horrible, cheap hologram photos that would fade and scratch if you didn’t protect them as soon as you pulled them and could only properly enjoy with a bright light pointing directly at them. My oh my how things have changed.

Design – A – Another futuristic design with lots of color and excellent photography. The only set back is that the cards are hard to put into a plastic sleeve because of all the sharp corners.

Price – B – At $160 a box it is a steal because of the amazing “hits” I pulled in just one hobby box. The going rate on eBay right now is between $130-$150, which is about right.

Pulls – A+ – Oh my God, I don’t even know where to begin. Okay, how about this….1 box, 10 “hits”. That is, 6 jersey game-used and 4 autographs.

Overall – A+ – You get your money’s worth and more. This is definitely the product of the year in my humble opinion. I suggest you get yourself a box of this before the year’s up because there is no excitement quite like going through a box of SPx.


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