“Killed by the ‘Hype Machine’.”

Since the day I laid eyes on ’97 Bowman Chrome I have been in love with this legendary rookie product. Unfortunately, I have never been able to buy a Hobby box and have sat by as the 2001 product put certain lucky collectors through college. It’s finally my turn to buy a box of Bowman Chrome, 2007 edition.

Design – A – The cards are beautiful even though some of the photography is kind of choppy/cut-off. Refractors are still my favorite card gimmick in the industry and in this product it looks better than ever.

Price – A – I paid $90 for a box that could result in players that could one day become legends and that alone was worth the price. Although, I do not believe there are any Pujols in this bunch, there are some bright spots that I am excited about.

Pulls – B – I don’t think 7 total refractors for a box is acceptable if Finest provided 18 and Topps Chrome had 15. That being said, one was an X-Fractor and the other was a rare Gold Refractor #’d to 50. There was one “hit” this product and it was a Hunter Pence autograph that was booking for $50 in last month’s Beckett.

Overall – B – It wasn’t everything I expected it to be and the refractors were few and far between but the nice autograph and Gold Refractor made up for it. If you can find this box for under $130, it is a MUST-BUY.