Ben Grieve: Unsung Hero

In today’s world of baseball everyone from the man on top, Barry Bonds, to the most unknown utility player is taking just about every supplement known to man, legal or not, to gain an advantage over the next Joe Schmo coming up as the “next big thing”. I myself have been one of the most vocal against cheaters in the game, proven or not, so much so that I sometimes forget to give credit to those who had an opportunity to cheat and gain unimaginable wealth along the way and simply did not go for it. One such man is former Rookie of the Year, Ben Grieve.

Ben came up with the Oakland A’s in the most appropriate time, 1997. You see, it was that year that Oakland brought back Jose Canseco to the A’s for one last hurrah. That was the big reunion that brought him back to fellow Juicer Mark McGwire and introduced him to future Juicer, Jason Giambi. In Jose’s infamous book he makes fun of Ben for flat-out refusing his offer to get him started with ‘Roids. You see, Ben was given a chance to become a legendary slugger, in a dirty way but legendary nonetheless and ultimately decided against it. Jose took a chance to kick Ben while he was down by pointing to Ben’s recent struggles he’s had in the majors.

It seems Ben was able to do just enough without steroids in his first 3 full seasons by hitting 18, 28, & 27 home runs but after that he completely faded into oblivion. From 2001-2005 he hit 15 or more home runs just twice. In 2006 he spent the entire season in the minors and he didn’t play in a big league game all of 2007. It seems that this once promising talent is completely gone from baseball and perhaps all due to not accepting drugs from the dirtiest man in baseball, Jose Canseco.

Kind of makes you wonder if he made the right decision, doesn’t it?



  1. My mother in law e’mailed me this article. To answer your question on if I made the right choice or not… I’d rather have my career and be guilt free than be any of these cheaters regardless of their “Hall of Fame(Shame) credentials.

  2. Ben, don’t know if it is really you or not but if it is, I just want you to know that you have fans who appreciate your integrity when faced with such a tough choice.

    I hope to see you with a ball club in spring training next year!

  3. Agreed, If that is actually Ben, I want to let you know that there are people that still relish the integrity and values now missing from the game of baseball, Im currently 20 years old so I cant go on and on about how my favorite sluggers were this and that..but I Praise you Ben, you’re an inspiration to not only kids, but to us all.

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