Topps customer service is #1

So a collector pulls out a rare X-Fractor from a pack of Topps Chrome that is terribly damaged. He sends the card back to Topps to get some kind of replacement and the amazing Topps customer service comes back with this genius letter written by some kind of drunken/stoned and/or terribly slow representative.

You know, I use to think my grammar was bad but this tops the cake.  At least I have an excuse. 90% of my posts come while I am sneaking around on the computer at work. The gyst of their letter pretty much says that they do not care about the damaged card and if you don’t like it buy someone else’s cards. Nice work, Topps!



  1. yup there is my letter, got to love these dopes. keep in mind i had no reason to think this would happen so my initial letter was calm and professional what i got in return was quite the opposite.

  2. Thanks for the letter.
    In my opinion this is a lot worse than ‘Beckett-Gate’ but no one seems to care.

    Oh well, I hope you get something out of this soon. Good luck!

  3. This is almost as bad as what happened to me in 2001. I bought a box of Stadium Club Baseball. The entire box of cards was missing the gloss on front and each card looked like it had been scrubbed by a pumice stone. The card shop owner gave me the number for Topps and the address to send the card back. I called and was put on hold. For 45 min. i hung up and mailed the box back. I received a letter stating they had received the cards and that they were up to production standards like rob got. That was the last time I bought a Topps product except after seeing it. No more boxes or packs. Only singles. The store owner could not believe the letter and was nice enough to give me a discount on other boxes I bought.

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